Your Biggest 8 Objections to Cloth Diapering Debunked

If you came over to my house you would most likely be greeted by Kaden smiling mischievously in just a shirt and a cloth diaper. Or just a diaper. He really prefers the Tarzan look.

Curious about why the heck my child would be wearing a cloth diaper?

Believe me, if you told me a few years ago that I would be cloth diapering my child I probably would have thought you were crazy.

Because surely the only type of people that cloth diaper are people that wear birkenstocks.

With socks.

The worst kind of hippies.

But I can now tell you that I actually do in fact cloth diaper and am proud to say I do not, nor will ever, wear socks with sandals.

You see having a child changes your perspective on the world.

You start to think about the Earth that he is going to grow up in.

You want to do everything in your power to make sure that it is as green and glorious as it was when you were growing up.

That… and kids cost a lost of money.

So instead of telling you why you should cloth diaper I am going to refute your reasons why you shouldn’t.

1. I hate doing laundry. 

You know what the worst part about doing laundry is? Folding it. Sure we all start out super eager, throwin’ the laundry in all nonchalant, ready to be productive and get stuff done. Heck we might even put it in the dryer with the same zealous. But when that laundry comes out of the dryer… that spunk is gone. Problem totally avoidable with cloth diaper laundry my friend. No folding involved. Put it in, take it out. Boom. Done.

2. I am not down for scraping poop off the diaper with my bare hands 

Okay seriously. You think that all parents that cloth diaper are just barbarians? Come on now. And if you are already a parent, you are not afraid of a little poop by now. A parent weary of poop is like a Washingtonian weary of the rain. It’s just not practical. And additionally, this is the 21st century. Two words: diaper sprayer. Hook that baby up to your toilet and let it do all the dirty work for you.

3.  I think I would stab my baby with a clothespin.

Your mom or grandma probably have some real gripes about their cloth diapering days and will surely be jealous of the modern cloth diaper. I use an all-in-one diaper and it is seriously the best invention ever. It consists of the diaper and an insert. Thats it! It also has some snazzy snap buttons. No sketchy clothespins.

4. I don’t want my washer to get dirty

I promise your washer will not be unsanitary. The hot water in your washing machine is between 130-160 degrees Fahrenheit. Between the scalding temperature, several rinses and cleaning cycle, you will never have to worry about your work clothes getting poo water on them. I did a bit of googling and actually came across a cloth diapering mother that did a study with her research scientist husband on the cleanliness of their washer. They found that their washing machine had less bacteria than a washing machine that had never washed diapers.

5. Isn’t it more expensive up front?

$250 of diapers at once versus $2,500+ (even more if you reuse them for additional kiddos). And gas money in trips to the store. And realizing you just ran out of your last disposable diaper and it is 10:30 at night and you really don’t feel like going all the way to target. If you have to, gradually start buying cloth until you can fully switch over. But once you get a taste of not having to hemorrhage money on diapers I doubt you will want to go back.

6. Washing cloth diapers sounds confusing

A quick run down of my routine:

  • If Kaden pees, I just throw the diaper in his wet bag.
  • If he poops, I spray it off then throw it in his wet bag.
  • Every 2-3 days I throw his diapers and wet bag in the wash on the longest wash setting with either rockin’ green, charlies soap or all free and clear.
  • If they don’t smell ultra fresh after a first wash (aka sitting too long from me slacking on laundry day) I throw them in for another rinse.
  • Put them in the dryer.
  • Put the inserts back in the diaper or do it as needed. Whatever you fancy.
  • Once a month or every other month I might soak them in a few drops of dawn blue dish detergent overnight in the tub (I have a front loader so can’t soak in the washer) to strip them of build-up if I notice they start holding an ammonia smell or decrease in absorbency, then rinse 2-3 times in the wash.
  • If I notice any staining I will lay them out to get bleached clean in the sun. It works amazingly!

7. Won’t I have to buy multiple sizes of cloth diapers as they grow?

Nope! I got a 24 pack of one size fits all smarti pants diapers that have snap buttons to adjust as they grow. I used a 10% off coupon and they came out to around only $250 for 24. They were the cheapest I had found and they are also an American based company, which I liked. Check them out here Smarti Pants 24 Pack. Most moms like to experiment with several brands and get a lot of cute patterns.  I got them when Kaden was a couple months old so I just wanted to do one and done shopping at the time. I imagine I was busy googling a bunch of ridiculous things like poop color, nursing schedules and developmental timelines as I was the epitome of a worrywart new mom.

8. I don’t know anyone that cloth diapers and won’t know what to do

Chances are you might actually know someone that cloth diapers as they are really growing in popularity. Shoot some texts. Do an FB post. Post an instatext. But if not, don’t freak out. You know one of my favorite things to do? Google. I seriously google the crap out of anything I don’t know. There are so many online resources to learn more about cloth diapering. I also recommend joining groups and co-ops on facebook. I am part of Kitsap Cloth Swap and Mighty Mama Co-Op. You can get new and used diapers on the cheap through co-ops and groups and can ask questions or advice. Seriously, you would think some of the moms on there have a PhD in cloth diapering. They will gladly help you out with any questions or problems that may arise. And guess what? In no time at all you can be that cloth savvy parent that inspires another to cloth diaper!

I will do another post later on the overwhelming environmental and safety reasons to cloth diaper, but if you are now real fired up about cloth diapers and want some more fuel for the cloth diaper train you are jumping on feel free to read this great article regarding such issues-

I cannot rave enough about how easy, economical and do-able they are for any family.

Did I change your mind at all? Believe me, if I can do it, you can! Let me know what you think!

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