A Change of Perspective

The word of the week is “get.”

I know, sounds random.

Hear me out.

This week I am deleting the word “have” from my mental dictionary. Whenever I start telling myself I “have” to do something, I am going to instead replace it with the word “get.”

You see, telling yourself you have to do something sounds a whole lot like a burden.

Seriously… you can turn something as simple as folding some laundry into a bad, overdramatized infomercial.

But no bad infomercial scenes are going to be played out in my head this week.

When it is laundry day, I am going to tell myself I get to do laundry.

This will probably provoke such thoughts as – ‘I get to do laundry? Yeah. I guess that is a privilege. I can provide my husband and son clean clothing to wear. We actually have clothing to wear. Some people don’t have proper clothing, non the less a means to wear fresh and clean clothes throughout the week. I am lucky all I have to worry about right now is folding this laundry.’

Or changing Kaden’s diaper, for example. All mothers know how fun this can get day in and day out. Particularly when you have a squirmy munchkin who will not lay down for a diaper change. And manages to get a spot of poop on your brand new sweater you perfectly coordinated with a really cute outfit. And you actually find yourself debating whether or not to just spot clean it because you were really feeling your outfit or just suck it up and change.

Got a little side tracked there.

…I totally spot cleaned.

So anyway, instead of telling myself ‘ugh, another poopy diaper I have to change’ I am going to tell myself ‘I get to change my son’s diaper.’

You see, instead of inflicting some negative feelings about a diaper change, I will probably enlighten myself with a positive train of thought; ‘I am lucky that I can be at home taking care of my son. I don’t have to miss a single minute. I get to be Kaden’s person. That one human being on the planet that he knows will always be there to take care of him. That will love him unconditionally. All because I changed his diapers with a smile on my face.’

Maybe you are reading this like “well thats weirdly cute but I have to go to work for 8 hours a day and my job totally blows.”

Oh contraire.

Cut “have’ out of that sentence and paste “get” right on in there, sir.

And drop the blows part. That doesn’t really contribute to this positive “get” mantra we got going on here.

You will probably start thinking something like, ‘I am lucky to have a job to go to. A lot of people don’t. I would be in a far worse off position that I am now if I didn’t have this job. It is suiting a purpose for my life right now. Just because it is my present does not mean it is my forever.’

I believe that we create our own destiny and happiness based on our thoughts.

I believe every second that we live on this glorious earth is a privilege.

I believe that every single thought contributes to our happiness. Big or small.

I believe that changing our perspective, even on insignificant little tasks, could change the world.

How could changing one word change your life?


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